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Veritas Tuition & Fees

2024/2025 TUITION

Grammar School (K-6)


Logic School


Rhetoric School


with a non-refundable $600 per student deposit required upon acceptance

Tuition Details

Veritas tuition includes all books and supplies. We require a $30 application fee per student. Tuition does not include school uniforms, field trips or co-curricular program fees. There are no multiple child tuition discounts. We encourage families to apply for tuition assistance if there is a financial need.

Tuition must be paid in accordance: 

  • 12-month tuition payment plan, with first payment due on May 1, 2024 and a payment plan fee of $25 per month.


Veritas accepts Step Up FTC, FES, UA and AAA,  need-based scholarships, but reserves the right to limit the number of scholarship students enrolled. All Veritas students must meet the school’s admission requirements and adhere to its academic and behavioral standards. Tuition is considered delinquent if more than two monthly payments are missed. Families who have not paid tuition in accordance with the school’s tuition policy and have not contacted the school to make payment arrangements may be notified of non-admittance of their child to the school. All tuition, fees, service obligations, and fines must be paid in full before final report cards are given to parents and/or records and transcripts are sent to another school.

Volunteering at Veritas

Veritas strongly encourages our families to be involved in the life of the school. We are partners in the education of your child. To this end, Veritas requires each family to provide 20 hours of support service each school year.

In order to volunteer in person when students are in school, you must first receive a background check which costs $60 for each individual who will be volunteering at the school. Click here for more information on volunteering.