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Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values

The Mission of Veritas Classical School

Veritas Classical School prepares students to evaluate human knowledge through a biblical worldview and engage the world equipped to discern truth, appreciate goodness, and recognize beauty.

The Core Purpose of Veritas Classical School

Veritas was founded to provide classical PreK-12 (Trivium) Christian education for the greater St. John’s County region. The founders believed in the value of the classical approach to education; educating minds and teaching people how to think, not what to think. At the heart of this conviction was the passion for the integration of faith and life where Jesus Christ is the unifying idea in Christian thought and life. Veritas was founded with a two-part vision; 1) that students here would love learning, engage culture, impact society, know the Truth, and appreciate goodness and beauty, and 2) our graduates would be used by God to shape the culture equipped with a classical Christian mindset and values, facing the challenges of the world with confidence and grace, and being part of God’s great story of making all things new.

The Veritas Vision

The ultimate vision for Veritas is that the world is impacted for Christ and the kingdom of God advanced through our graduates who have been uniquely prepared for their calling.

Veritas Core Values

Striving to glorify God in all things, Veritas Classical School holds these values as essential:

  • Biblical Worldview
  • Classical Scholarship
  • Servant Leadership
  • Family Partnership