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Summer Reading

Summer Reading 2024 

Summer reading is essential for Veritas students to maintain continuous learning. To ensure students are well-prepared for the upcoming grade level, our faculty has selected a mandatory book for each student to read before the first day of school. We advise students to read their assigned book closer to the end of the summer break, as they can expect discussions and assessments during the initial weeks of school.

In addition to the required reading, the Summer Reading Olympics continues for rising K-6 students, while upper school students have recommended reading lists to further nurture a lasting love for reading at home. These initiatives aim to keep students engaged with literature and help them develop a genuine appreciation for the written word.

Please click on the links below for summer reading!

Logic and Rhetoric students must develop strong typing skills for paper writing. In addition to summer reading, we expect rising 7th-12th graders to practice on, a free online resource. Students should dedicate time over the summer to work through the program’s levels, and submit their progress report upon returning to school.