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MRS. Deborah Campbell

Deborah Campbell comes to Veritas after eight years of teaching high school technology in Duval County. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Florida State University, and her master’s degree in Biblical psychology from the Academy for Christian Training in Jacksonville. Some of her previous experience includes tutoring students in reading and math of all elementary grades in St. Johns county. After being born in Japan, Deborah grew up around the world. Her father’s work in government also allowed her to live in Taiwan and Paraguay, along with Virginia and Pennsylvania. After college, she spent a year in central Africa with the Peace Corps. She stays active in her local church, currently teaching second and third graders on Sunday mornings. Also, she has been involved in prayer ministry, mission trips and leading women’s studies. Deborah and her husband Gary have raised four children, all of whom are now having their own children. Her main pastime is photography. Deborah knows that the gospel is foundational in developing strong, healthy children with an understanding of their identity in Christ. The earlier children can learn this, the better they will be able to stand against the current conflicting world view.